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Esquire Comics - How to Sell

Mark S. Zaid, Esq.
Esquire Comics
P.O. Box 342-492
Bethesda, MD 20827-2492
(202) 498-0011

How to Sell to
  • I Want Your Platinum And Golden Age, And Key Silver Age Books!!!!! Immediate Cash Paid. I Will Travel To Your Location.
  • I am always looking to purchase individual or collections of books from 1930-1963.
  • I prefer high-grade (VF8.0 and above) on non-key books, but I will be happy to consider what you have to offer.
  • Because I am running this business solely to satisfy my own collecting appetite, I am not looking to make huge profits on any purchase I make. That means I will likely pay you MORE $$$$$ for your books than would most dealers.
  • Please contact me via telephone at 202-498-0011 between the hours of 10:00 A.M. EST and 7:00 P.M. EST, and/or e-mail me a list of the books you wish to sell at EsquireComics@aol.comUnless urgent, please use e-mail to first contact me during weekdays. As I am a practicing attorney it is sometimes difficult to respond to telephone calls during working hours. Thank you for your courtesy and understanding.
How to Trade with
  • I am always willing to consider trades as well. For trades I prefer to deal with key Platinum, Golden and Silver Age books, i.e., Action #1-20, Detective #1-40, Superman #1-10, Amazing Fantasy #15, etc. On non-key books, I prefer very high grade (VF/NM9.0 and above). But, again, do not hesitate to approach me with any offer.
  • Please contact me at the number or e-mail address listed above.
How to Consign with
  • I am always willing to accept consignment arrangements for books that fit my niche inventory.
  • As part of my grand opening, I am currently offering the LOWEST consignment fee that exists anywhere!!!! Just a mere 7% of the sale price will be kept by me as a seller's commission. At some point in the future this will likely be modified to a sliding scale based on the sales price of the book. I do not charge a buyer's commission. Compare that to some of my colleagues (note: in no way should this comparison be construed as a criticism of either the seller or their professionalism):
  • Heritage Comics 15% sellers & 15% buyer's commission
    FlyingDonut.Com 25% sellers commission (performs full service ebay sales)
    Metropolis 10% seller's commission
    ComicLink 10% sellers commission 10% sellers commission
    Pedigree Comics 8% seller's commission
  • Unlike any other dealer/seller I know of, I do NOT require exclusivity. That means you are free to post your book anywhere else you like. However, the one caveat is that you must maintain an identical price.
  • I strongly prefer CGC graded books for consignments, unless it is a book valued at $1,000.00 or greater. For CGC books, there is no minimum price though there may be a grade requirement.
  • If you wish to discuss consignment opportunities, please contact me either via the telephone number or e-mail address above.
P.O. Box 342-492  •  Bethesda, MD 20827-2492
(202) 498-0011  •

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